Jose Tomas Hidalgo-Jullian
Summer Fellow
Strategic Advising


Jose Tomas Hidalgo-Jullian is a summer fellow at Bellwether in the Strategic Advising practice area. 

Prior to Bellwether, Jose Tomas gained diverse experience across the education, private, and public sectors. He began his career as a math and physics teacher at Enseña Chile, part of the Teach For All network. He then moved into consulting, first as an associate at Boston Consulting Group in Chile, and later as a senior consultant at BrainFood. 

Jose Tomas’ expertise spans strategic projects in sectors such as education, telecommunications, construction, finance, digital transformation, and energy. He served as an advisor to the Chilean Minister of Education, where he was responsible for monitoring and shaping education policies and managing the educational response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In June and July 2023, he completed a summer internship with Teaching at the Right Level Africa in Zambia, where he spent two months analyzing and proposing improvements to a literacy and numeracy program.

Jose Tomas is pursuing an MBA at Harvard Business School and a master’s degree in public administration and international development at the Harvard Kennedy School. 

Why I do this work:

I have always loved learning; it’s an amazing process that helps people become better versions of themselves and enables them to support their communities. I’m convinced that talent is distributed homogeneously in society, but unfortunately, opportunities are not. That’s why I’m committed to creating a better education system for every child — one that can help them reach their full potential.

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