February 16, 2018

School Shootings, Joel Rose Speaks! More Aldeman, The Conservative Argument Against Janus, Guns, ESSA, DACA, CCSSO And Many More Acronyms! Plus Bacteria News…

By Bellwether

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Scroll down for edujobs at KIPP, New York Charter School Center, and Partnership Schools.

And still more from Chad Aldeman on turnovers.

Yesterday I wrote about new ideas for changing gun politics in this country.

Don’t miss this Joel Rose interview.

The conservative case against Janus.

The FBI was warned about the Florida school shooter.

Yesterday I mentioned that while school shootings – and gun violence more generally – is a substantial problem, there is an inflation and hype of the numbers. More on that here.

And speaking of “crisis” rhetoric here’s a worried story about how fewer students are majoring in education as undergraduates. It’s a crisis! Except you don’t have to major in education to go into teaching and there is some evidence that content majors are stronger preparation. Anyway, panic…

The BASIS school where some tech elite send their kids.

Chu and Atkinson on ESSA.

Teacher labor strife in West Virginia.  And DC education politics getting rougher.

No deal on DACA as immigration falls apart in the Senate.

Fensterwald checks in with Kirst in CA. Kirwan Commission draft report out in MD – interesting for what’s in and what’s not.

CCSSO, Aspen, and America’s Promise on state equity work.

Arts field trips and student learning (and norms).

Belly button bacteria.

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