June 2023

Exploring Trends in Teacher Pensions

In this blog series, guest contributor Chad Aldeman unpacks the latest data about teacher pension systems and shares implications for policymakers.


With declining enrollment and the end of emergency federal funding straining school budgets across the country, it’s never been more important for policymakers to understand and reckon with the state of their teacher pension systems — which represent a large and growing share of education spending. In this blog series, Chad Aldeman — an education writer, former Bellwether senior associate partner, and founding editor of TeacherPensions.org — analyzes new data on the state of teacher pensions and offers ideas to help policymakers direct more education dollars into classrooms and teachers’ pockets. You can read more of Bellwether’s work on teacher pensions at TeacherPensions.org.

Pension debt crowds out other education spending — including raises for teachers.

Chad Aldeman

Breaking down the numbers for the 100 largest school districts

Chad Aldeman

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the media warned of teacher retirements hitting “record-breaking heights.” Did the trends hold?

Chad Aldeman

Teacher pension plans assume that new members will continue to be added to the system as it grows over time. But what if those assumptions are no longer correct?

Chad Aldeman

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