Research and Analysis

Rigorous research and analysis underpins everything we do, and is a crucial component of how to push the education sector forward and inform the national conversation about education. At Bellwether, we amplify what we learn, develop innovative solutions, and support mission-aligned partners in telling their own stories.

Our approach improves outcomes and increases equity for systemically marginalized young people.

Policy Analysis

To increase equity, it’s imperative that all stakeholders have a strong understanding of the impacts of local, state, and federal policies. Bellwether’s evidence-driven approach to analysis gives partners clear and unvarnished insight into how policies are being implemented and whether they’re delivering on their intended impact. Our approach to this work includes:

  • Objective, clear, and easy-to-digest qualitative and quantitative analysis of specific policies as well as broader trends.
  • Recommendations for how stakeholders can improve either policy or its implementation.
  • Dissemination strategy to reach key stakeholders.
Bellwether Education Partners - Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation

Truly effective organizations need access to quality information about what’s working, why, and for whom. Bellwether’s team of evaluators partner closely with clients to integrate evaluation into existing planning and implementation efforts, use information to drive what you do, and advance educational equity.

Because evaluating the work you pour your heart into can be a vulnerable process, we serve as trusted collaborators along the way. Our approach is grounded in developing mutual trust and offering ongoing, customized support from start to finish, including:

  • Classic short- and long-term evaluations.
  • Rapid innovative feedback strategies.
  • Support to evaluate client and grantee impact, strengthen organizational improvement, and improve communication with stakeholders.

Survey Research

We understand there are many ways to design surveys and take great care to align what questions are asked and how they are asked to generate insights clients need. We collaborate with partners around their goals to ensure the information they receive is clear and actionable, including:

  • Designing and conducting sophisticated survey research responsive to broad, sector-related questions as well as client needs.
  • Improving existing surveys by analyzing psychometric properties to ensure that they’re valid, reliable, and efficient.

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