Focus Areas

Through our research and work with partners, our resident experts have deep insights into what works across several issues. We capture this knowledge in publications, tools, and commentary to help others understand not only what works, but why and how — so that we can scale and accelerate good policy and practices, and rapidly improve our system.

Focus area

Coherent Supports for Special Populations of Students

Annually, more than 5 million American children interact with social-service agencies, and 7 million children receive special-education services. Our work ensures that all students’ unique needs are being considered and met through coherent and integrated systems.

Focus area

Diverse Learning Options for All Families

All families — regardless of race, geography, socioeconomic status, or other circumstances — deserve access to high-quality learning options that work for their children.

Focus area

Well-Resourced, Equitable, and Responsive Systems

An equitable and high-quality education depends on well-functioning systems. Our work explores how complex educational systems — school funding and finance, school districts, and local ecosystems — deliver support for students, and how community and parent voice shape decision-making.

Focus area

Evidence-Based Local, State, and Federal Policies

Public policy can be a critical lever for effectiveness, equity, and safeguarding young people’s civil rights. We focus on how policymakers can positively impact schools and students.

Focus area

Lifelong Learning

Education doesn’t start in kindergarten or end with high school graduation. Our work in early learning, postsecondary education, and workforce innovation enables learning and thriving at every stage and age.

Focus area

Strong Teachers, Strong Leaders, and Strong Schools

We believe teachers, leaders, and schools matter — a lot. Our work ensures that schools help students learn and grow, every day, through high-quality curriculum, effective teachers, and visionary school leaders.

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