Hannah Mosley
Operations Associate


Hannah Mosley is the operations associate with Bellwether in its Core Operations team. Before joining Bellwether in 2021, Hannah worked in business operations in the hospitality, property development, and construction industries. She holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Emory University, where her studies centered on education in low-income areas and its influence on incarceration rates and voter disenfranchisement. Hannah volunteers as a math and literacy tutor for high school students in Atlanta.

Why I do this work:

As a Black woman, I was afforded immense privileges through homeschooling and private school when my public school system’s shortcomings became apparent to my parents. Both were first-generation college graduates, and they worked tirelessly to ensure I had the best chance at reaching my definition of success, even when that meant educating me themselves. I firmly believe that no child’s education or opportunities should be left to chance or to a parent’s means to seek out and access educational resources.

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