Kaitlin C. Beeson
Executive Assistant


Kaitlin Beeson is an executive assistant at Bellwether. She has worked as an assistant for nearly a decade in the finance and pharmaceutical consulting sectors, where she focused on executive management, recruiting, and event planning. Prior to joining Bellwether, Kaitlin was an executive assistant at Berkshire Partners in Boston.

Kaitlin holds a bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in elementary education from Hartwick College.

Why I do this work:

I’ve benefited from a high-quality education and the opportunities it’s afforded me throughout my life. However, it wasn’t until I turned my undergraduate focus to elementary education that I realized this isn’t the case for everyone. My work is guided by the belief that education is a basic need, that children want to learn, and that the desire to learn must be nurtured and supported by providing the best opportunities in all schools, for all students.

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