May 25, 2017

Betsy DeVos On The Hill, Finn On Finland, Teacher Pension Debate, Betting On Pearson, Whiteboard Insider Data And Forum, Donut Bear, More!

By Bellwether

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Betsy DeVos’ appearance on the Hill being panned by the critics.  Here’s an account of it, particularly the debates about choice. By the way, don’t tell anyone because it will spoil all the fun, but private K-12 schools with a variety of policies in place already get a lot of federal money now…

If you want to learn something about teacher pensions this back and forth is a good way.

Here are some Education Insider higher education survey results on a variety of issues

I’ve never quite understood the appeal of being knee-jerk against reform. We have an education system that results in 9 percent of low-income and minority kids getting college degrees by the time they are 24, and you sign up to not only defend that but somehow argue it’s not a crisis. And if that is not miserable enough, there are few opportunities to gamble, which at least passes the time. In England, on the other hand, you can bet on things like whether Pearson’s CEO might lose his job.  Seems like that would make the entire enterprise a lot more palatable.

Speaking of Pearson, here’s a good overview of the evolving U.S. assessment landscape.

Here’s a cool Whiteboard forum if you want to engage with some policy and industry leaders.

Checker Finn calls the question on all the international causation-correlation and context blustering. 

This bear acts on behalf of millions.

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