May 4, 2017

Congratulations Kati Haycock, Health Care And Schools, Pell Students And College Going, ECE In CT, Martin Goes Global, LIFO Suit Sent Packing, Test Security, More!

By Bellwether

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Earlier this week I took a look at data in K-12 schools for US News. And Bellwether released an analysis of education transportation. (pdf) Quick recap of that event here. Interesting issue because all the trade-offs are complicated.

Kati Haycock retired yesterday. Enormous impact from her work at Ed Trust. And Sweet Honey in the Rock played the retirement party. Not quite some wedding band excited to get a weeknight gig…

The health care bill in Congress could have a fiscal impact on schools. There are some problems with Medicaid reimbursement and schools but this would be a problematic fix. Related, this SCOTUS case from earlier this year. 

Today in meritocracy: Could colleges take a lot more Pell students? Georgetown Center on Education And the Workforce takes a look. A lot of interesting data points in this analysis.

Nathan Martin on improving global education:

However, many effective and innovative approaches operate at a small scale. While many think education has an innovation problem, it may be that it has an intelligence problem. New and promising practices fail to be taken up at scale or in policy. Tools for funding and collaboration could better support these efforts to increase their impact.

This is appalling.

Early-childhood education lessons. LIFO suit tossed in New Jersey because plaintiffs uninjured yet.  Diverse by design private school coming.

Old school test security issues:

“Apparently one of the students had somehow gotten up into the ceiling of the building. It’s a drop down ceiling over these faculty instruction offices and had crawled through that open area and had dropped down into the faculty instructor’s office in order to try and steal a test,” he said.

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