August 18, 2017

Eclipse, Eclipsed…

By Bellwether

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Quick Goldstein break here:

In U.S. News & World Report I take a look at Monday’s eclipse, something that too many school kids will not be doing that day:

“We are going to be speaking with athletic directors, activity directors and our extended-day programs to keep all activities inside until the duration of the eclipse.”

Yes, that’s one school district’s response to Monday’s rare solar eclipse – visible across the United States. And they’re hardly alone in this reaction. While some school districts are making plans for students to experience this rare natural phenomenon, many are treating it as a menace to be avoided and something to protect students from, like a storm or a criminal on the loose.

When Mark Twain remarked that you should never let your schooling get in the way of your education, this was the kind of thing he had in mind…

The eclipse is neither a menace nor a surprise. Instead it’s an amazing teachable moment it’s a shame to squander. You can read more, including some great eclipse resources for educators, right here.

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