September 18, 2020

Friday Fish Pic: Goldstein Goes Largemouth

By Bellwether

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Mike Goldstein is an educational polymath and one of the original guestbloggers here and a returner many times since – where he goes wild.

But I think fish pics is a first. He took some family time in New England and this picture of a largemouth bass is a pandemic-era trifecta: time outside, smiling kid, and PPE.

If you did a frequency analysis I think fish porn here turns up more trout than anything else, but largemouth make a good showing. They’re also a hoot to catch on a fly rod.

Summer is in the rearview mirror but you can still see hundreds of education types with fish by clicking here and here. We’ve been doing fish pics and porn for a long time.

Fall is a great time to be outside, tips on how take a kid fishing are here. Send me yours. And now that it’s fall, we’ll take hunting pictures, too.

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