September 13, 2017

Irma Putting A Lot Of Students Out Of School, Gender And Pensions, Intramural Policy Fights, Extramural Charter Fights, Cambridge Coming? More!

By Bellwether

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10 percent of U.S. school kids not in school yesterday because of Irma. Allison Davis on the trauma issues that will attend to a percentage of them.

Don’t miss Kirsten Schmitz on gender equity and pensions.

Caitlin Emma writes the obituary for the Trump tax credit scholarship idea (though advocates insist the obit is premature). What I find interesting here is that while policy debates like this are often framed in institutional terms – eg it’s Trump against the education establishment, or the Hill against the Administration, or Republicans against Democrats, on issues like this the intramural fights sometimes matter more. There isn’t unity within the administration on this and many at Treasury think it’s a lousy tax policy whatever its merits as an education policy might be. The focus on external fights can obscure that kind of thing – and that kind of thing matters to what happens.


There is a lot of school choice in Wisconsin, Alan Borsuk rolls it up.

Peter Cunningham says don’t get mad, get Eva. But charters really are losing the PR war despite the evidence.

Meanwhile in Newark it seems like all the dudes are getting along again.

Ed industry insider Rob Waldron with some advice for districts to avoid getting ripped off by vendors.

Michael Horn talks with John Danner about his new tutoring project.

Emily Yoffe on race and campus sexual assault. Third in an Atlantic series.

Keep an eye on Cambridge, starting to get traction in American high school sector.

Secret Service agent getting a lot of out of Malia’s European history course.

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