May 19, 2015

Is Pearson Setting Up ETS? Best CMOs Says Broad, Kingsland On Opt-Outs, Hot Mess In East Ramapo, And More…

By Bellwether

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This East Ramapo situation is a mess. Big NYT story today but surprised it has not received more attention. The Times focuses on process doesn’t begin to get at all the shenanigans going on there.  From the usual suspects who go bonkers over a charter school…crickets.

ETS into the breach in Texas or changing horses midstream or some such metaphor. But it doesn’t matter what vendor you ask to meet impossible to meet specs, they won’t meet it.

Via some resources to figure out how your state teacher pension plan stacks up.

This op-ed on who is “college material” implicitly points up an important issue. With undermatching for low-income and minority students as pervasive as it is (in my view) shouldn’t policymakers be focusing on that rather than sorting kids into tracks?

Achievement First, Noble, and IDEA charter schools rocking it for Broad Prize this year (pdf).

Suicide is up in rural communities, including among young people.

Neerav Kingsland on the commonalities between opting out of tests and opting out of a school to attend a charter school.

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