October 25, 2017

Libertarian On Libertarian Violence! Basta! Edujobs! Pension Debates, Testing, And Chris Stewart Takes No Prisoners, Plus More!

By Bellwether

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Scroll down for a bunch of edujobs, more coming soon!

There is a lot of willful misunderstanding or weaponizing of data in the debate over teacher pensions. There are complicated issues and real trade-offs, but straightforward apples to apples comparisons shouldn’t be too much to ask for. Chad Aldeman on one recent report as an example.

Profile of Basta. In the vein of there are not 100 percent solutions but we can cobble together 100 great 1 percent solutions this is the kind of idea that is encouraging. And this is an org and a leader worth watching, will beat back your cynicism.

John King on equity and accountability.

Neil McCluskey tells Megan McArdle to look for someone else to blame in the school choice debate. Scroll down for her argument, linked the other day. This reminds me of the old adage that when libertarians fight it’s the legal weed that gets trampled.

John Grisham’s latest novel is about for-profit higher education.

“I told my kids, you get a rare opportunity to go to school in a wilderness area”

This, from Chris Stewart on New York’s ATR politics:

…Apparently, the usual noisemakers are taking a knee on this one. Without a billionaire to blame, or a school reform nemesis to rally against, this is a rare occurrence of outrage fatigue and activist dereliction. Social justice headquarters is filled with nothing but bystanders now.

Can you imagine what would happen if some enterprising journalist unearthed a secret memo from founder and CEO Eva Moskowitz to her Success Academy principals informing them that they would have to hire substandard teachers as a cost-cutting measure?

The community organizing machine would roar with dramatic accusations of greed, self-interest, racism, and malice.

I reject the cynical, political, and corrupt muteness of people who have never been unfamiliar with microphones, cameras, and theatrics when their pockets are light but hide in the back pews when their funders threaten our children…

Different issue in Chicago – bad information on possible hires as well as possibly insufficient hiring practices. 

Every now and again a study comes along that is so good you don’t want to dig into the methods: This new one on how booze helps you learn foreign languages is an example.

Phil Lesh and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

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