October 23, 2015

Mead, Pennington, Gladwell, deLaski, And Teacher Tests! Ditch Paper Not Pre-K, “Wow, This Is Like Hunting In A Zoo…”

By Bellwether

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Too much going on to have it all here so check out the curated roster of news from around the sector at RealClearEducation. Scroll down this page for edujobs (and fish pictures) and don’t forget we’re hiring for a communications manager at Bellwether.

Kaitlin Pennington with a smart take on 2016 teacher policy debate. School accountability policy may not be as straightforward as you heard at your farmers’ market*. And here’s more uncomfortable data you may not have heard about at the gastro pub. Also this.

Actual edTPA data and analysis. But really, is anything sacred at all? People!

Gladwell on school shooting patterns. Unsettling. And creationism in Maine. Interesting. Kathleen deLaski on university students and well-being.

Sara Mead looks at TN pre-K study. The Mind Trust on charter schools and innovation.

Here’s another example of a venture capitalist out to get children and teachers. For all the noise education isn’t really much of voting issue at the national level outside of special interests. Testing deal afoot in MA.  Old accusations in Sacremento are new again with a big Times treatment.

Getting rid of desks was in the news this week, but what about just getting rid of paper? Via Smarter Schools.

On 10/26 Fordham is hosting a DC event on high achieving students. Good line up of panelists.

Here is a metaphor come to life.

*Original link here, now pulled, was to a forthcoming study in Ed Next. I inadvertently misread the release and broke the embargo. I regret the error. The study will be out next Tuesday – and it’s really interesting as my enthusiasm to post it shows. The basic point stands, school accountability policy is a lot more complicated than your friends are telling you on Facebook.

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