April 21, 2015

Opt-Outs Hit The Times, Pre-K, And Finland Myths V. Reality

By Bellwether

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The Times looks at opt-outs and teachers unions. Inside baseball: The way they ID Stand For Children* is delightfully reductionist. Would the story have read differently if they ID’d it instead as an organization that supports expanding access to pre-K education and reforming school finance to send more dollars to poor students? Those are true, too. Sometimes the battle lines aren’t so stark…

Speaking of pre-K for a project I was rereading this brief on pre-K from CAP. Vox-like case for why expanding pre-k makes sense. Useful.

Mike Antonucci called attention to this sensible walk-through of the Finland hype from Cambridge Assessment.

*How do I know their policy views offhand? Longtime Bellwether policy research client.

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