May 17, 2017

Should We Ban For-Profit Charter Schools?

By Bellwether

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Should we ban for-profit charter schools? Proponents and opponents are quick with a yes or no.   And a lot of them really are lousy. But it’s a more complicated question than it seems. I look at that in U.S. News & World Report today:

Marshall Tuck, a candidate for state superintendent in California, grabbed headlines in late April when he announced his opposition to for-profit charter schools. The move cut against type because Tuck made his name as the successful operator of a well-regarded network of nonprofit charter schools. It’s a smart political move – for-profit charter schools are barely more popular than cancer among the education crowd. So it will be at least a little harder to paint Tuck as a zealot – though that won’t stop his detractors from trying. But is it good policy? That’s a more complicated question.

While only about 16 percent of charter schools across the country are operated by for-profit entities that figure is higher in a few states…

Profit or not, you can read the entire thing for free by clicking here. Rather than reading you can skip right to telling me why I’m wrong on Twitter @arotherham.

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