March 2, 2016

South Dakota Transgender Veto, Carter On Optical Reform, No Secrets! Dep’t Of Edu IG On Loans, Wallace On Collective Action, EdFuel On Human Cap, MDRC On Disconnected Youth, CCSSO Principles For Principals! 6th-Grade Econ, Offbeat Marathons…

By Bellwether

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I assume Donald Trump is going to rename Head Start as Trump Start. It’s going to be awesome!

South Dakota’s governor flashing some actual conservatism on a complicated social issue.  SCOTUS passes on NJ pension case.

Stephen Carter on our growing taste for aesthetic rather than real social justice.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think Harvard has made some horrible mistake, or that colleges that follow suit will somehow have turned their backs on a noble tradition that must be preserved if the academy is to remain a citadel of knowledge. But I worry about our growing tendency to meet protest by leaping for the nearest cosmetic change, rather than asking more fundamental questions whose answers might prove more costly. These quick and easy acts of verbal substitution allow us to pat ourselves on the back without actually making progress.

Gosh, why can’t Congress get something done about sexual abuse in schools? And in the 21st Century there really isn’t any such thing as a secret government letter…

Dep’t of Ed IG says student loan problems mishandled.

Reports: EdFuel on leadership development in education. MDRC on disconnected youth (pdf). Principles on teacher evaluation (pdf). No, it’s not a pun, it’s a new report from CCSSO.  Wallace Foundation on collective impact.

Elementary school economics.

The San Quentin Marathon.

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