March 26, 2015

Tragedy, Charters In NY & Ohio, Ellevation’s New Offering, Pere Whitmire, Brown Calls BS, And Was Gingrich Ahead Of His Time?

By Bellwether

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The transgendered North Carolina teen who made news as a homecoming king last year committed suicide earlier this week.  He was just 18.

Did New York Chancellor Carmen Farina imply that it’s defensible that a public school has fewer than 10 percent of its kids proficient in math and reading? Yes, it looks like she did! Behind the scenes Farina hasn’t been bad on charter schools, better than the rhetoric. And some theater is necessary in her role and given the politics. I get it. But whatever you think about backfilling, selection, or whatever, Farina does public education no favors by seeming to defend performance like that. Matt Candler, call your office.

Speaking of charter performance, Fordham Institute got a bouquet for being a high-quality charter authorizer in Ohio from the state.

Dan Brown writes in RealClearEd that the talking down of the education field – by its supposed leaders – is counterproductive.

Ellevation is a company I advise – they work on support for ELL students. Jordan Meranus is CEO. Up until now their work was mostly for administrators and specialists but Ellevation is expanding support to classroom teachers. Check it out. And there is a webinar next week.

Richard Whitmire’s dad just got an award from the Missouri Association of School Administrators this week.

Is Newt Gingrich consulting on school discipline?

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