September 8, 2011

Class Warfare: An Insider’s Take on Brill’s New Book

By By Andrew J. Rotherham

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I am one of 208 people Steven Brill interviewed for his education-reform chronicle Class Warfare. In addition to having an index and notes at the back of the book detailing who told him which details for each chapter, the lawyer turned journalist includes a section on sources, listing us in alphabetical order, followed by a separate page with job descriptions of 56 people he interviewed who requested not to be named. I mention these details to give you an idea of a) how methodical Brill is as a reporter and b) how dishy his book gets with all those unnamed interviewees. The source list in Class Warfare may read like the Who’s Who of modern education reform, but the chapters that precede it often feel more like The Real Housewives of Policy Wonk County.

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