May 11, 2020

Resources to Support Special Populations of Students During COVID-19

By Indira Dammu | Max Marchitello | Hailly T.N. Korman

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This document will be updated regularly with new resources and materials.

With schools closed due to COVID-19, online learning and instruction are working as a stopgap measure for many children. However, millions of young people require additional support, intervention, and services to keep up with their education. To effectively serve students in foster care, experiencing homelessness, with special needs, or involved in juvenile justice, as well as migrant or undocumented students, additional supports are necessary.

Resources to Support Special Populations of Students During COVID-19” includes specific and tactical recommendations on how to support students who are engaged with systems of care, such as the foster care system, health and human services, and immigration. The document includes high-quality, vetted resources and guidance, along with short descriptions to provide an overview of how the items can be used in communities. There are also examples of how some jurisdictions are addressing the many challenges caused by COVID-19. 

The latest resource library is available to view and download here.

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