Zoe Campbell

Education Board Partners Will Join Bellwether


From Midterm Wins to Weathering a Mounting Storm: Policymakers Must Put Families, Not Politics, at the Center of 2023 Legislative Agendas

Michelle Croft | Alex Spurrier | Juliet Squire | Andrew J. Rotherham

How Should States Address Local Wealth Inequity in Education Finance?

Indira Dammu

Balancing Act: How States Can Address Local Wealth Inequity in Education Finance

Indira Dammu | Bonnie O’Keefe | Jennifer O’Neal Schiess

Webinar: Some Assembly Required: How to Help Families Navigate Learning Options After COVID-19

Dr. Sonja Santelises | Selamawit Gebre | Michael Goldstein | Lakisha Young | Andy Rotherham | Juliet Squire

Why We Need More Innovation and Less Partisanship To Address Inequity in Schools

Thomas Gold

Inclusive Innovation: Eight Districts’ First Year Journey to Creating School Systems for All Learners

Jessica Slaton | Thomas Gold | Priyanka Patel

From Education Ballot Measures to State Legislature Shake-Ups: What the Midterms Mean for Education Finance

Krista Kaput

Bellwether Announces the First “Filling the Gap” Cohort to Help Families Access Supplemental Education Opportunities


Assembling the Educational Experiences Children Need Starts with Giving Parents More Information

Michelle Croft

Education Beyond the Classroom: Parent Demand and Policy Support for Supplemental Learning Options

Michelle Croft | Alex Spurrier | Juliet Squire

One Explanation for the Inequitable Treatment Black Children with Disabilities Face

Harold Hinds