September 7, 2016

#16for16: A Policy Agenda for the Next President (Whoever That Is)

By Bellwether

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WhitehouseThis election season has been long on drama and vitriol and woefully short on substantive policy ideas. And K-12 education might win the “Most Ignored Major Policy Issue” superlative in the yearbook of the 2016 campaign. Isolated references to charter schools and feel-good statements about teachers aside, neither Clinton nor Trump has proposed a comprehensive vision for our nation’s public schools. This lack of attention belies the importance and need for an education vision: Although the current administration presided over the passage of the Every Students Succeeds Act (ESSA), the devil is in the details, and the critical work of its implementation will be left to the next administration. But we’d be hard pressed to identify what policies might emerge come January.
We’re here to help.
Bellwether has compiled a collection called 16 for 2016: 16 Education Policy Ideas for the Next President. We solicited ideas from a range of authors across the ideological spectrum, both inside and outside the education sector. You are almost guaranteed to love some of these ideas, and probably hate some too, and that’s the point. No matter who prevails in November, the new presidential administration will need to set an ambitious education agenda. And with this collection, we are priming the pump for whichever candidate is sitting in the Oval Office in January.
In this volume, you’ll find:

These are just a sample of the proposals you’ll find in 16 for 2016. Other chapters address federal grant accountability, student loan debt, farm-to-school programs, expansion of high quality private schools, and more.
Check it out, and feel free to leave feedback in the comments or tweet to us at @bellwethered.
If the candidates aren’t going to talk about education, let’s force the issue and light the path forward for the next administration to address critical challenges and key opportunities for our nation’s education system.

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