October 19, 2015

A Renaissance in Catholic Education

By Bellwether

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Though the last half-century has not been kind to Catholic schools, together, educators, school leaders, community leaders, families, and pastors are working to breathe new life into struggling Catholic schools. As I’ve written previously, these efforts may be the beginning of a renaissance in Catholic education.
In a new guidebook just released last week, Andy Smarick and I chronicle many of these exciting new ideas and innovations. Here’s a sneak peak of some of the promising work that’s happening across the country:

In talking to the leaders of these organizations, their hope and optimism about the future of Catholic education is palpable. And the future does look bright: Combining the time-tested Catholic school model with today’s ideas and innovations means that thousands more of our nation’s children will have the opportunity to access a high-quality, Catholic faith-based education.

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