December 19, 2017

Best in Bellwether 2017: Our Most Read Publications and Posts

By Bellwether

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Below are the most read posts from Ahead of the Heard and our most read publications in 2017! (To read the top posts from our sister site,, click here.)
Top Ten Blog Posts from Ahead of the Heard in 2017
1.) Anything But Equal Pay: How American Teachers Get a Raw Deal
By Kirsten Schmitz
2.) Exciting News
By Mary K. Wells
3.) Some Exciting Hires and Promotions
By Mary K. Wells
4.) Where Are All The Female Superintendents?
By Kirsten Schmitz
5.) An Expanded Federal Role in School Choice? No Thanks.
By Juliet Squire
6.) Teacher Turnover Isn’t Always Negative – Just Look at D.C. Public Schools’ Results
By Kaitlin Pennington
7.) Georgia Addressed Its Teacher Shortages With This One Trick
By Chad Aldeman
8.) A Day in the Life: Bellwether Analyst Andrew Rayner [Andrew’s now over at Promise54!]
By Heather Buchheim & Tanya Paperny
9.) Welcoming Our New Senior Advisers
By Mary K. Wells
10.) How Will States Handle New Title I Powers with Minimal Federal Oversight?
By Bonnie O’Keefe
Top Five Publications & Releases from Bellwether in 2017
1.) An Independent Review of ESSA State Plans
Chad Aldeman, Anne Hyslop, Max Marchitello, Jennifer O’Neal Schiess, & Kaitlin Pennington
2.) Miles to Go: Bringing School Transportation into the 21st Century
Jennifer O’Neal Schiess & Phillip Burgoyne-Allen
3.) Michigan Education Landscape: A Fact Base for the DeVos Debate
Bonnie O’Keefe, Kaitlin Pennington, & Sara Mead
4.) Voices from Rural Oklahoma: Where’s Education Headed on the Plain?
Juliet Squire & Kelly Robson
5.) The Best Teachers for Our Littlest Learners? Lessons from Head Start’s Last Decade
Marnie Kaplan & Sara Mead
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