December 22, 2016

Best of Bellwether 2016

By Bellwether

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new-years-day-1054594_960_720 (1)Here at Bellwether, we’ve grappled with a lot of tough questions in 2016: Why did the Movement for Black Lives’ education platform reject charter schools? What does Donald Trump’s win mean for education policy? Why is talking about diversity in educational organizations not enough? Could personalized learning transform rural education? How should schools be graded under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)?
From a range of different topics, we pulled our most-read writing of 2016. Below are your favorite Ahead of the Heard blog posts and Bellwether publications of the year. (To read the top posts from our sister site,, click here.)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and keeping up with our work in 2016! Stay tuned for more in 2017, including reports on modernizing student transportation, the Head Start workforce, and rural education in Oklahoma.
Top Ten Blog Posts from Ahead of the Heard in 2016
1.) 2016 FAFSA Completion Rates By State
By Chad Aldeman
2.) Donald Trump Won. What Does That Mean for Education Policy?
By Chad Aldeman
3.) Updated: There’s A Huge Flaw in the “Teacher Shortage” Data
By Chad Aldeman
4.) State Legislatures Attack Student Growth in Teacher Evaluation
By Kaitlin Pennington
5.) Movers & Shakers at Bellwether
By Mary K. Wells
6.) There’s a Reason the Movement for Black Lives’ Education Platform Rejects Charter Schools
By Max Marchitello
7.) New Proposed Head Start Performance Standards Released Today
By Sara Mead
8.) What Does it Mean to “Raise the Bar” for Entry Into the Teaching Profession?
By Chad Aldeman
9.) Diversity: Necessary (But Insufficient)
By Xiomara Padamsee
10.) Education Innovation is Everything, Nothing, Beautiful
By Jason Weeby
Top Ten Publications from Bellwether in 2016
1.) 16 for 2016: 16 Education Policy Ideas for the Next President
Edited by Andrew J. Rotherham and Jennifer O’Neal Schiess
2.) Peering Around the Corner / No Guarantees
By Chad Aldeman and Ashley LiBetti Mitchel
3.) The U.S. Education Innovation Index: Prototype and Report
By Jason Weeby, Kelly Robson, and George Mu
4.) A New Agenda: Research to Build a Better Teacher Preparation Program
By Ashley LiBetti Mitchel and Melissa Steel King
5.) Grading Schools: How States Should Define “School Quality” Under the Every Student Succeeds Act
By Chad Aldeman
6.) The Promise of Personalized Learning in Rural America
By Jennifer Schiess and Carolyn Chuong
7.) Moneyball for Head Start: Using Data, Evidence, and Evaluation to Improve Outcomes for Children and Families
By Sara Mead and Ashley LiBetti Mitchel
8.) For Good Measure? Teacher Evaluation Policy in the ESSA Era
By Kaitlin Pennington and Sara Mead
9.) Who’s Teaching Our Kids: Changes to Illinois’ Educator Workforce Since 2002
By Melissa Steel King, Leslie Kan, and Chad Aldeman
10.) The Learning Landscape: A Broad View of the U.S. Public School System
By Jennifer Schiess, Kelly Robson, Carolyn Chuong, and Kaitlin Pennington

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