November 25, 2014

Rural Schools and Education Reform

By Bellwether

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Here at Bellwether’s great new blog, I’m going to be writing regularly about rural K-12, with special attention to the important developments getting too little attention and the interesting reform work flying under the radar.
rural schoolhouseSome of these posts will be dedicated to fascinating, hot-off-the-presses research from the ROCI Task Force, a joint effort of a group of terrific scholars (led by Paul Hill), Bellwether, and the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation. Stay tuned for my first installment along these lines: a piece about Hill’s excellent introductory piece to the ROCI work and contemporary rural education reform.
But to get things kicked off, I wanted to offer just a flavor of the big stuff going on in this field. I strongly believe more K-12 practitioners, policymakers, and observers should track rural education. These schools represent a significant part of America’s K-12 system, and they educate millions of low-income kids.

I hope folks take an increased interest in rural schools and the issues facing them. Lots of kids would be well served if policymakers, researchers, philanthropists, and commentators took a closer look at the thousands of schools located outside of America’s cities and suburbs.
This series on rural K-12 education is supported by a grant from the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation.

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