Katrina Boone
Associate Partner
Policy and Evaluation


Katrina Boone is an associate partner with Bellwether in the Policy and Evaluation practice area. She specializes in program evaluation, evaluation capacity building, project monitoring and management, and issues related to Native American and Indigenous education. She has a history of facilitating organizational development of evaluation processes and data-informed continuous improvement. Katrina is committed to the principles of equitable evaluation and her work often leverages participatory methodology and assets-based approaches. Currently, Katrina supports several education organizations as they seek to better tell the stories of their impact.

Katrina began her career as a high school English teacher in Kentucky, where she taught in urban, rural, and suburban schools. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English, a master’s degree in teaching, and an advanced graduate certificate in research methods in education policy and evaluation.

Why I do this work:

My childhood was peppered with adverse experiences, and when I look back, I see that my path to college and a successful career was far narrower than I knew. I was lucky to attend schools where I thrived academically. But my success has depended almost entirely on luck. Luck is far too central to success in America, and I’m committed to changing that as much as I can.

Experience at Bellwether:

Program Evaluation/Evaluation Capacity-Building; Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis; Survey Research; Data Collection and Analysis; Policy Research and Analysis; Writing; Research

Client segments served:

K-12 Schools; State Education Agencies; Foundations and Grantees; Nonprofit Organizations; Advocacy Groups

Sample clients:

RE-Center Race & Equity in Education, National Indian Education Association, National Comprehensive Center, Walton Family Foundation, 100Kin10

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