January 1, 1970

Bellwether Partners Xiomara Padamsee and Monisha Lozier Launch New Talent Organization

By Bellwether

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WASHINGTON—Today marks the official launch of Promise54, a new, nonprofit talent solutions provider created to support the education field as it works to deliver on the promise of the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision.

Promise54 is led by former Bellwether partners Xiomara Padamsee and Monisha Lozier, who will continue to work with a variety of educational organizations to examine and refine their talent systems, structures, and behaviors.

“Bellwether’s entire leadership and team is excited to support the launch of this new organization. We know that Promise54 has enormous potential to help schools and education organizations do their work better by providing a best-in-class focus on talent systems with a strong lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion,” said Bellwether co-founder and managing partner Mary Wells.

“While we’re sad to see some of our colleagues depart to launch this organization, moments like this are one of the reasons we created Bellwether almost eight years ago,” Wells said. “One of Bellwether’s founding principles was to support and incubate organizations that can change the education field and advance outcomes for kids, and it’s great to see Promise54 launch today — it meets a big need in the field.”

Founded in 2010, Bellwether envisions a world in which race, ethnicity, and income no longer predict opportunities for students, and the American education system affords all individuals the ability to determine their own path and lead a productive and fulfilling life.

Learn more about Promise54 and its launch at promise54.org


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Andrew J. Rotherham

Co-Founder and Partner, Bellwether Education Partners



About Bellwether Education Partners

Bellwether Education Partners is a national nonprofit focused on dramatically changing education and life outcomes for underserved children. We do this by helping education organizations accelerate their impact and by working to improve policy and practice. For more information, visit bellwethereducation.org.


About Promise54

Promise54 is a national nonprofit focused on supporting organizations to build thriving environments where adults can achieve their best outcomes in service to kids. We believe organizations maximize their impact and truly thrive when their teams are diverse, their cultures are inclusive, and their practices model the equity they wish to see in the world. For more information, visit promise54.org.

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