October 3, 2017

2017 And CHIP Still In Question, Janus, Transportation, Books! Is Testing History? More…

By Bellwether

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Here’s another look at school transportation – it’s not as boring as you think.

CHIP funding falling prey to Congressional dysfunction.

Brief history to the present:

Teachers unions face existential threat from mandatory dues case at the Supreme Court. Key vote in that case dies unexpectedly. Stay of execution. New justice, not favorable to union’s arguments confirmed. Existential threat returns.

The rhetoric and headlines are all about how the unions are gearing up to fight this and all that. They’re not, they know it’s over and was over with the election because the new president would fill Justice Scalia’s seat. What they are doing is ramping up to deal with the effects through a variety of methods to expand membership and pass laws that protect current practices. Not a lot of attention to the impacts in the education world – I’d update that piece but why bother, not much has changed except the name of the case and the specific facts.

Pearson on skills and automation.

Oh the places you’ll go!*

*Except Cambridge.

One size doesn’t fit all.

I don’t think they talk to Matt Damon like this on set?

Apparently tenure track jobs are the gin of our time?

Where is the fun in this? (Actually you hear teachers – in places with a decent assessment system – say this all the time, it just doesn’t make great copy):

 I wish they had listened to Mark Ingerson, a splendid Salem, Va., history teacher I know. He never mentioned the exams to his students until a month before testing day. “If you focus on learning and help the students to understand what they have mastered and what areas they need to grow in, the scores take care of themselves,” he said.

Bear proof can foils bears.

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