April 18, 2017

A Tax Day Education Policy Play Only Turbo Tax Likes

By Bellwether

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At The 74 Kaitlin Pennington and I take a look at a popular education tax proposal that only an accountant could love. It also points up the addiction of policymakers to every way to address education finance and teacher comp except actually addressing education finance and teacher comp:

…We’re all in favor of creative ways to recruit and retain good teachers, but this isn’t it. The Teacher Recruitment and Retention Act makes for lousy public policy, so much so that even the teachers unions are laying low on the proposal. So, at the risk of being Scrooges, on tax day no less, here are some reasons this idea might sound good but is actually a bad idea…

You can read why here. If your taxes aren’t done, do that. Otherwise, tweet us your favorite great or lousy education tax ideas @arotherham and @KPennington23.

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