April 23, 2015

At The Opt-Outs – Leaking Questions Might Be Good! Obsessing On 95%, Not So Much…

By Bellwether

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This kind of thing (penalizing schools for opt-outs) seems certain to just create a target and inflame things. Especially in places where opt-out seems more marginal. Perhaps what we need is just more attention to the percent of students who take tests when considering school performance rather than a slavish focus on 95 percent? That’s the way any sensible analyst thinks about college prep data from high schools now. Could create a good upward incentive for elementary and middle schools.

But this kind of thing (leaking and publishing test questions) creates IP and costs issues for states but seems likely to help Common Core advocates, but I’m biased – I like transparency. Reading a passage and actually understanding it? That’s killing what’s great about education! No, actually, I want my kids to be able to do that (even if it’s not rewarded on Twitter) and don’t want them in a school where teaching that becomes some three ring circus about tests.

My more general take on opt-out here. The numbers in NY aren’t final yet but could be really interesting. Some folks crediting the UFT and the chancellor.

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