April 19, 2016

Better Blogging Applications Open Now! Combative CREDO, Rhode Island, Duncan At G’Town, Ed Tech On The Inside, Forced Marriage And Pensions In Charters, Evidence And Federal Agencies, Rhames On Chicago, Lead, KIPP, 100K in 10, Cub Reporters And Big Cats!

By Bellwether

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Applications are open for the next Bellwether blog training – it’s in July.  Application deadline 5/2.  Apply ASAP, this is always over-subscribed by a substantial margin.

Marilyn Rhames is all over what’s happening in Chicago. She asks who the kids belong to anyway? And calls for a bit of political disarmament.

CREDO pushing back on misuse of its data and findings. They haven’t always done this as their results have been widely and wildly abused. And this one went out in an email blast as well.

Here’s a user-friendly guide to talking about standards via 100k in 10.  Who is using evidence? Federal What Works Index from Results For America. KIPP results.

Hailly Korman on how ed tech can help adjudicated youth. NSNO on equity and quality in the next generation of school improvement work in NOLA.  Again, the overseas student scam. Mike Petrilli says education improvement is not just about policy! Paddling still happens in schools.

Yesterday Arne Duncan and I talked school finance and education more generally at Georgetown.

Anyela Aquino can play volleyball. And a New York judge just said she can play volleyball with the boys. Broader implications than just this instance.

It’s easy to see this as just a charter – district flashpoint story.  But it’s really a story about how a pension system designed for one era is a bad fit for today.

This would never happen in Grosse Point! Actually, lead in Grosse Point. There is certainly a class and race angle to environmental issues in many communities but you’re missing the story of what a mess we’ve made if you think that is all there is to it. Check out how close you probably live to a Superfund site…

Things quieting down in Rhode Island:

Ken Wagner, the state’s new education commissioner, has also adopted a more conciliatory tone, which, superintendents say, has had a calming effect on families and educators alike. Wagner this winter said his agency isn’t going to get into “coercive battles” with families over refusal to take the test. If a student refuses, then that child should be given another activity that doesn’t feel punitive.

“We’re not giving permission to opt out. Last year, we did,” said Chariho Supt. Barry Ricci. “We planned all of these alternative activities. It was chaotic. This year, if students refuse, they sit in the testing environment and read.”

Someone give this kid a contract!

This is odd:

Auditors questioned, for example, the use of school funds to pay a $566,803 settlement to a former teacher who sued the organization for wrongful termination after she was directed by Okonkwo to travel with her to Nigeria to marry Okonkwo’s brother-in-law for the purpose of making him a United States citizen.

Great big kitty visits high school.

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