March 7, 2016

Bradford V. de Blasio, Panorama Education, Discipline, Spending, Squirrel!

By Bellwether

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From New York we have Derrell Bradford on de Blasio’s schooling approach:

What if I told you there is a city in America where an all-out war is being waged on public schools that effectively educate low-income black and Latino children? That there is an effort to deprive these children of the funding they require and deserve? And that the assault is legal, legislative — and spearheaded by a series of white-led organizations?

Chad Aldeman:

 There aren’t that many national politicians who are going to go on the record praising school boards.

Panorama Education has created a new school genome tool. Check out your school here.

Pondiscio and Hansel with reading ideas. Surprised this hasn’t received more attention.  NASBE on the state role in addressing discipline problems.

Education cameo in the presidential debate.  Apparently it’s conventional wisdom in education circles that money doesn’t matter.

American student still held in North Korea. In other hostage news: Sometimes, at night, do you still hear them, Clarice? The screaming of the Christies?

Lou Cannon on Nancy Reagan.

Jupiter is close. WTF is a Chinese downhill?

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