October 7, 2020

CRT And Schools, 2020 Election Outcome Paradox, Free College Is Free? More…

By Bellwether

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Coming attractions. Deep dive in The 74 on the debate that’s broken out about teaching history, roughly 1619 v. 1776 v. President Trump.

Here’s WSJ’s Jason Riley on Critical Race Theory and here’s David E. DeMatthews and Terri N. Watson of UT-Austin and City College on the same from the other side. Pretty different takes and a debate that seems likely to break out in a big way after the election, regardless of the outcome, per accounts like this – and will impact schools.

Also on the election and education, something of a paradox might be shaping up. A really big Democratic year overall, but progressive ballot initiatives around education fail – taxes in CA and AZ, affirmative action in CA, and a conservative pushback on sex ed in WA wins.

Here’s some analysis on the costs and benefits of Joe Biden’s free college plan. Costs up front, pays for itself over time.  And Bush Institute on the future of assessment.

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