May 17, 2017

Crying Wolf On Public Ed Threats, DeVos In The Desert, LA School Board Election, Public Pressuring Private, Equity Data, Long Cats, More!

By Bellwether

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I’m not sold on social impact bonds but Phil Burgoyne-Allen makes a good case for a school transportation application. Max Marchitello on how Rodriguez is the air school finance debates breathe.

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Here’s a write-up on DeVos in the desert. My take on the Betsy Bunker here.

This GreatSchools report is sobering but must-reading. The equity problems are real and too often minimized in the public and political debate about schools.

The pro-charter side won the slugfest in Los Angeles. Make no mistake, both sides had enough resources to get their messages out. The takeaway here (a) is that the reform side played hardball in a way they usually don’t (and if you think the teachers unions don’t play hardball, get real) and (b) the clout of the unions is declining in cities like LA. We’ll see what that portends on the politics but the kicker of the LAT account sets up what’s next on the issues:

Whatever their allegiance, the winners of the board seats will confront an ocean of challenges, including the seemingly inevitable growth of charters and the strain that places on the district’s budget and its ability to serve students at its own schools.

Here’s an interesting take on one dynamic in LA.

Today at Yale, it’s Yelp. On the Hill, actual legislation! Is CTE rolling again? Nuance and debate about school vouchers in Milwaukee.  A look at pre-K leadership.

OK, it turns out all those times people said public education was facing a mortal threat that wasn’t really true. They were just trying to scare us. Also, Trump makes advocacy complicated and might actually be a threat to public education (among many other things).

Here’s an interesting tension – public charter schools, which are free, are pressuring Catholic schools in a lot of cities. Now, small private colleges are speaking up saying the free tuition ideas increasingly popular with state policymakers will harm them.

More on the CZI – College Board personalized pathways project the previous post here mentioned.

Really long cat.

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