January 14, 2016

David Cameron On Dan Willingham, White And Wagner On Policy, Buckeye Brawl! Whitmire On Newark’s Strategy, Bain, Textbooks, Friedrichs Unpacked, Eval Long Game, Is Education Really Ever A Presidential Campaign Issue?

By Bellwether

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John White on Louisiana voucher data and the larger questions of accountability. Ken Wagner of Rhode Island on reimagining schools. You can watch two Buckeyes debate education policy here.

Shael Polakow-Suransky goes all CSN on teacher evaluations. He calls for a professional model, which would require everyone to lay down their arms. We’ll get there eventually, the question is when and after how much acrimony?

David Cameron gave Dan Willingham a shout out in his education speech.

More Newark failure! More Friedrichs post-argument analysis. Portable benefits for teachers, too, please!

Most evergreen education headline ever? Here’s an interesting look at LA Superintendents since 1971.

Seems like there might be a problem with teacher prep? NCTQ looks at textbooks. Bain looks at distributed leadership and performance in schools. Jan. 25 webinar on this here.

Big crocodile. 

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