September 27, 2017

DeVos Approval Underwater, Ref Rodriguez, Renewal Schools, Common Core, More!

By Bellwether

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It’s September 27th. On this date in 1929 Ernest Hemingway sent a letter to Max Perkins from Paris asking for money, a frequent theme of Hemingway’s letters), talking about upcoming skiing or time in Key West, but also discussing his pace of work. “Have been working well ever since back a week ago. Have done two more stories. Have six now but between ourselves only two seem saleable. But don’t tell anyone – might be able to sell them all.”

Cambridge University Press is releasing an edited volume of Hemingway’s letters from 1929 – 1931 in October. It’s the latest in their curated series of his correspondence. Edited by Sandra Spanier and Miriam Mandel, it’s dense but a treasure trove.

Closer to home, Betsy DeVos’ approval ratings are still underwater, but at least 1/3 of respondents haven’t heard of her or don’t have an opinion. She still has usually high name recognition.

Oh, and only 4 percent of voters say education is their top priority right now…so it’s all upside for us!

Also, new DeVos advisors.

Here’s the most thought provoking thing I’ve seen written about the Ref Rodriguez issue in LA.

People starting to ask the cost-benefit question about NYC’s “renewal” schools initiative. More blunt take here.

If you’re a Common Core opponent this is the kind of thing you don’t want to  see – the standards and assessments becoming embedded like this.

We’ve discussed how sexual abuse episodes in schools are often systemic failures with multiple breakdowns of accountability and plenty of history. That’s not about due process, which is essential, it’s about people failing to address problems. Here’s an episode from Oregon that points up the problem.

Arson squirrel.

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