May 12, 2017

Do Teacher Pensions Reduce Turnover? What’s Happening In LA? What Are Psych Majors Up To? Race And Campus, Online Report Cards, More!

By Bellwether

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Kate Pennington remains unconvinced on CA’s teacher tax bill. Among the things “everybody knows” is that teacher pensions reduce teacher turnover. Actual evidence suggests a more complicated tale. Kirsten Schmitz with more via Bellwether’s project.

Here’s a great look at CTE and efforts to modernize it. But it’s a mistake to assume that all old credentials are dead ends or that all new ones are great and in-demand. Because it makes for a great press release a lot of states have focused on expanding the number of industry certifications with little or no attention to the quality of those certifications or demand for them in the market. The reason is obvious: if you’re a governor it’s more fun to say you’ve done a bunch of new ones than just some.  As is often the case, the action is in the details not the broad categories.

Look behind LA’s expensive and contentious school board race. And also in CA, why do all these rich white reformers want to reform teacher tenure anyway?

“How to” guide to building online report cards.

If you major in psych you might not be doing it for too long…that and more from an interesting Hamilton Project analysis.

Addressing race on campus. The Washington Post ed board v. Eugene Volokh.

Competency-based education has a lot of promise but this idea to do away with high school transcripts at the most elite private schools in the country smacks of a way to maintain exclusivity and elite credentials at a time of greater transparency.

In the bad old days state legislators and other politicians said stupid stuff all the time but no one really noticed. Today, with social and viral media, well, here’s an ugly idea from one Oklahoma legislator.

Bear locks itself in car, then uses horn to get let out.

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