November 30, 2015

ESEA! Native Students, Newark Ed Tech, Calpers Fees, Virginia’s Ed Issues, Hill And Jochim on Politics, Mobility, Keg Tossing!

By Bellwether

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Get the latest on ESEA here. Short version of this memo: Please vote for things like the ESEA rewrite.

Enjoyed this David Brooks column. Mentions a few Bellwether clients and friends of Bellwether (and the Dunkelman book really is good if you’re looking for a holiday book for a reader in your family).

A look at the federal government’s schools for native students. Enormous problems, but always important to keep in mind that most native students attend traditional public schools  – and are not currently well served there either.

Fredrichs to be argued on January 11th. Background here.

What if the fees Calpers pays to private equity are not too high? Paul Hill and Ashley Jochim on cities and education politics and politics.  It’s unclear if Illinois is governable. Geographic mobility and social mobility. Campbell Brown profile.

What’s the point of giving lots of money to groups so you can pass awards around if stuff like this happens as a result? For the record, I have trouble believing NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia would say that so her explanation seems legit. But still!

Big progress on ed tech in Newark. This is the kind of thing leadership can accomplish that doesn’t get a lot of attention with the media and activist focus on the flashpoint issues like eval or school closures.

Mesecar: Innovate in education Virginia!

Last week I wrote about why I’m becoming a Missouri fan.

New keg tossing record. Bullshit, unpacked.

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