December 10, 2015

Extremism When A New Education Bill Is Passed Is No Vice! Do Schools Even Matter To The Economy? Campus Protesting, And Is Camo The New Black?

By Bellwether

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Thoughtful John McWhorter discussion of what’s happening on campus:

However, something is off about today’s student protests. The protesters may start with valuable observations, but then they drift into a mistaken idea of what a university—and even a society—should be.

Is a lack of teaching about constitutional protections part of the problem on campus?

New ESEA bill signed today. Apparently this is not a time for moderated takes on things. Joanne Weiss is tickled. David Kirp cherry picks to kick NCLB. Sandy Kress seems on the verge of becoming a prepper. I guess the best thing you can say is that if the goal is to pass something then this is a success and genuinely bipartisan. If the goal is to do something to help the least fortunate amongst us, well not so much.  The real linchpin here is how much have education politics changed since 2001. If the answer is a lot, then this will work well. If the answer is not as much as DC’s policy class thinks, then watch out.

Thinking of moving? Here are the best and worst cities for school choice. Evergreen education debate: How much do schools matter to the economy?  Just in time for the new education law – here’s a look at non-cognitive skills (pdf). Big money for a teacher somewhere. TFA talks teacher retirement. This is a problem.

Here’s a pretty solid look at the actual issues undergirding the SCOTUS Affirmative Action debate yesterday.

When I write stuff like this, this, or this I get emails saying ‘more, please.’ Would like to but try this blog on for size in the meantime.

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