February 23, 2017

Five Things To Keep In Mind About The Transgender Bathroom Debate

By Bellwether

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I take a look at what’s going on around the bathroom debate in U.S. News & World Report today. Namely it might be lousy politics for Republicans but it’s the first battle in a coming Title IX war. It’s more symbolic than impactful right now. And the education world is a mess when it comes to this idea of deferring to local communities. Plus the kids mostly don’t care:

Count me among millions of Americans who don’t care what bathroom people choose to use (or what gender they want to identify with for that matter). Do what you want. But for millions of others it’s a big deal, which is why, despite all the other challenges America is facing at home and abroad, we’re still ferociously debating potty policy in Washington, D.C.

Because everyone is so worked up, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s going on in the fog of bathroom war. Here are five things to keep in mind…

You can read all five here via USN.

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