January 5, 2016

Friedrichs Is Kind Of A Big Deal, Kingsland Turns The Tables, Coleman, Poker And Ed, A Sex Ed Debate, Remembering Dale Bumpers, Ford Foundation And More…

By Bellwether

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Friedrichs plaintiffs speak in WSJ. This Friedrichs case is kind of a big deal. The unions hated Abood, now in the face of Friedrichs they love it. Maybe with time they’ll learn to love Friedrichs? In any event, I get the hit it will put on their fiscal model and there isn’t a scenario where a decision against them isn’t a problem for them. But, I’m not convinced on this deterministic point that closed shop unions are always stronger than right to work ones in practice. There is something to be said for an organizational culture that requires convincing people to join. Better organizers and all that. My take on implications here.

Mike Petrilli on IUDs. Jennifer Borgioli Binis says stop, please!

New assessment policy floated in Oregon – some good ideas but also some you can eat cake and lose weight! Overview of upcoming state issues here.

Is anti-Common Core energy waning? New Yorker deep dive on the Ford Foundation. Sally Kilgore on James Coleman. A new Morrill Act for education or training? Ed terms Bellwarians hate. Got to go? Gone.

Aces? Poker and education reform.

Dale Bumpers has passed. Good friend to public schools and children and great public servant.

This Neerav Kingsland post is a good exercise. I am continually astounded at people’s inability to articulate an argument (not agree with, just make real points) against whatever it is they’re for. There is an argument against pretty much everything. Related: You run into a lot of people who are more comfortable telling you what they do than why they do it.

Flashback: My predictions for 2015. (There was some good stuff for rural in the ESSA law).

Skating goat.

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