February 12, 2018

Hands Off Head Start! Berea Fixed, Charters In NZ, 12th-grade NAEP, DI, Rural Ed, IDEA Bee, ND Cows, More! And Don’t Make A Federal Case Of It!

By Bellwether

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From Bellwether:

Don’t make a federal case of it! Or do. Hailly Korman explains how Janus ended up at the SCOTUS. Bonus: Here’s an interesting argument against Janus.

Sara Mead says hands-off Head Start when it comes to immigration enforcement.

Hailly Korman looks at ESSA and juvenile justice.

At the Games:

Classroom Champions in the news as some of our athlete mentors are in Korea (I’m on the board). Of course, this medalist is barely older than our students…

And here’s a live chat with athletes and leaders on the 22nd classrooms and schools can participate in.

Federal & State Policy:

You may recall that some of the pushback on state ESSA plan evaluations was that it was just Washington knows best types trying to shape the world in their view. In fact, not everyone complaining about the quality of  state ESSA plans is from Washington, some are leaders from the states…

Berea gets its fix in budget deal. Dreamers, still in limbo.

John White pushes back on the failure narrative.

Are California’s fiscal reforms paying off? The governor there wants to know where the money is going. Meanwhile, the federal education budget coming this week is mostly theater but here’s a preview. And school construction not happening in the initial infrastructure proposal.

Also WSF pilot released. And Betsy DeVos checks in on her first year on the job.

The case for 12th-grade state-level NAEP.

The latest interpretation of Title IX and bathroom policy from ED.

And guys, you won’t believe this but traditional pensions are not the only way to do retirement for teachers…


Drees and Hughes – Catholic schools must think differently.  Charter politics in New Zealand.  Charter politics in Chicago.

Odds and Ends:

I mentioned a meta-analysis of DI research recently, Panic goes deep on why it doesn’t penetrate.

So these are the people hectoring the rest of us about working conditions?

IDEA spelling bee.

Concern from early tech leaders about the tech they created.

Rural education…

Overshadowed by attention to the challenges faced by nonwhite high-school graduates in cities, low-income black, Hispanic, and Native American students in rural areas like this are equally unlikely to go on to college.

Farm to table is hot among college students.

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