July 26, 2014

Head Start Round 2 Designation Renewal Results Announced

By Bellwether

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Late on a Friday afternoon, the Administration for Children and Families released the list of 114 grantees selected in the second round of Head Start designation renewal. HHS also released the names of winners from several Cohort 1 competitions in which no award was made, as well as two unrelated competitions. These grantees will begin serving Head Start students under their new grants next month.

Since I’ve been following designation renewal closely, I’ll be taking a closer look at these results in the near future. Two quick takeaways for now: 1) As in the first round of designation renewal, many of the agencies that were required to compete appear to have managed to keep their grants. 2) ACF’s list released today does not name a grantee in the competition for Orleans Parish, Louisiana, a particularly complex re-competition situation. Given that the list of grantees released today is shorter than the list of those required to compete, there are likely additional communities where no grantee was announced today–I’ll update with more info later.

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