March 8, 2017

International Women’s Day And Education, ACA, Best Districts For Teachers, Worst Places For Pensions, Chance The Rapper, Partisan Realignment, Giant Rubber Bands, And More!

By Bellwether

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“Whatever women do, they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult.”

– Canadian pol Charlotte Whitton*

Today is International Women’s Day and Kirsten Schmitz digs into some education data germane to gender issues in education – where are all the female superintendents?

Scroll down for some great edujobs including one in Oakland for Surge Institute.

Still the early innings but pay attention to the Obamacare repeal/replace debate in Congress, big implications for education depending how it goes.

LA School Board election results. Washington D.C. voucher politics.

Firsthand account from the Middlebury professor in the middle of the Charles Murray protest:

As the campus uproar about his visit built, I was genuinely surprised and troubled to learn that some of my faculty colleagues had rendered judgement on Dr. Murray’s work and character, while openly admitting that they had not read anything he had written. With the best of intentions, they offered their leadership to enraged students, and we all now know what the results were.

NCTQ looks at great school districts for teachers. This reminds me of the late J.J. Baskin who had an idea to do a “best places to work” for teachers magazine package like you see for other fields.

Chance the Rapper is meeting with Illinois’ governor to discuss education policy and now he’s donating to the Chicago schools. 

Elsewhere in dysfunctional education economics Puerto Rico’s teacher pension fund has some problems.

Here’s a video looking at how LIFO works in New Jersey.

Partisan politics drive a lot of the education conversation – but what if the party structure changes? New Brookings paper looks at the rare, but not unprecedented, occasions of party break-up.

If your students are fidgeting you can get these giant rubber bands for them. Then you don’t have to worry about the fidgeting, just the giant slingshots they can build.

*Yes, I know she’s controversial, but it’s a great line.

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