December 11, 2015

Mismatch And Two Evas, ESSA Dissenters, Achievement Data, Mead On The Little Ones, Angry Tarheels And Hungry Sharks!

By Bellwether

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John Merrow gets his Ahab back on and goes after Washington more. Matt Barnum says not so fast on the facts.

Baltimore’s Kalman Hettleman dissents from the happy talk about the new education law. Yesterday I dissented as well. LAT not on board either. Biddle is bummed.

Mismatch on mismatch. From where I sit a much more live issue is under matching in no small part as a result of the lack of good college counseling for too many low-income and low-income minority students.

New U.S. Chamber report outlining data on black student achievement.

Sara Mead with a look back/look forward on early learning for this year and next.

Charters gentrifying in DC.  This sure didn’t take long in North Carolina! Morgan Polikoff clearly didn’t get the memo that you’re only supposed to write crazy stuff about Success Academy on blogs. This is a pretty stupid thing to say, but whatever.

ICYMI – Whiteboard Advisors surveyed ed tech elites to get their views on the industry (pdf).

Yesterday or Tomorrow Never Knows?

Speaking of music, Eva Cassidy was amazing. I feel really fortunate to have heard her live during her run and in a small house setting solo. I remember my wife and I were in London a few years after her death and it was cool to see how popular her work was there. It’s good it’s caught up here, too.

Puck juggling. Kangaroo shooting. And in education we approach problems much like suffers approach a rash of shark attacks.

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