June 28, 2017

Mitch Chester Will Be Missed. Education Surveys, Polls, ESSA Plans, Hernandez On CTE, Rural Education, ESSA Jargon, Read Finn Murphy, More.

By Bellwether

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Mitch Chester has passed. The outpouring of condolences speaks to how well-liked and well-regarded he was in the education sector. And he really was genuinely committed and genuinely fun to work with and could disagree without being disagreeable. “He will be missed” is a cliche, but he really will be missed. Rick Hess with a nice remembrance here.

Chad Aldeman on expanding early ed via ESSA plans. Yesterday, Bellwether and the Collaborative for Student Success released reviews of the first 17 ESSA plans.

Alex Hernandez on the promise of CTE.

Marty West rounds up the status quo on Blaine Amendments post-Monday’s court decision.

Fordham surveyed teenagers about school. Georgetown surveyed adults about perceptions of childhood, or more precisely adulthood, by race. I wish the methods were a little more robust but the findings intuitively make sense in the context of how schools operate.

So here’s a new poll that shows that, on average, Trump supporters don’t like the President’s education agenda. OK, that’s true enough especially given the proposed budget cuts. But, at the same time, groups that on average are not Trump supporters disproportionately support some key aspects of Trump’s education agenda, specially school choice. The AFT, who sponsored the new poll, and wants to position itself as a champion of social justice ought to be careful about how far down this road they want to go given their own education positions. In other words, again, education politics don’t line-up cleanly with partisan politics and that’s both interesting and exasperating in roughly equal measure.

Also, here’s a well-done poll from Brown with some interesting overlays of various populations and some education questions.

An education play, in two acts:

Weighed down by resistance from education advocates and some council and School Board members, the latest draft drops any mention of specific academic goals, metrics for success and funding plans.

Instead, it lays out a framework for more meetings, including four joint sessions a year between the City Council and School Board, the creation of an “education compact team” and a “children’s cabinet.”

Teachers have to live everywhere because there are kids and schools pretty much everywhere – even really expensive places to live. Here’s a look at ways to ease the housing costs.

Rural education, attainment, and place.

Are the muggles revolting and what’s the role of elite education?

ESSA jargon is everywhere. So, apparently, are book virgins.

This debut book by Finn Murphy is a great summer book. It’s superficially about life as a trucker in the moving industry but it’s really about the structure of American life.

Jake the turkey chases cops.

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