January 5, 2018

More ESSA, More Choice? Teacher Tests, Charm City, Campus Politics, Berea, SBAC, More!

By Bellwether

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Scroll down for a lot of edujobs, including two at Education Forward DC.

Don’t miss Joy Resmovits on San Francisco’s education situation.

Mike McShane with a great lede. And he makes a good point about school choice. But I found that during Obama’s second term everyone in DC was declaring choice dead, and it expanded, so I’d keep an eye on the states more than what’s happening in DC on this issue regardless. And keep an eye on ideas like ESAs and other non-direct spending approaches (which tend to have less in the way of equity but more in the way of political feasibility). Long game or short game, in the American context being against choice is like being against gravity. The questions are how and when, not if.

Ah teacher tests. Teacher tests present something of a dilemma and a lot of tradeoffs. One is about passing scores. On the one hand, a test like the Praxis measures basic education, numeracy, and literacy levels you would want everyone who will be in front of your child during the day to have. On the other hand, what do you do about say a fantastic art teacher who really struggles at math? That issue is arising in Nebraska where the state is trying to create more flexibility without lowering teacher quality. Reasonable people can disagree but it seems inescapable that ineffective or non-existent hiring practices at the school level still drive a need for blunt instruments that no one is especially pleased with. And equally inescapable that it would be great if our schools could produce teachers who can just pass Praxis.

On campus:

But the civil war within the Republican Party is also being waged in campus multipurpose rooms across the country.

Plenty of blame to go around for the Baltimore HVAC situation but it’s tragic and embarrassing.

Checker Finn on 2017 and 2018. More ESSA concerns. Smarick on ESSA reviews.

Does Berea deserve an exception or is taxing endowments a rushed and clumsy policy?

SBAC pushback.

Whoa. Here’s a hell of a story.

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