December 22, 2017

Most Popular 2017 Posts

By Bellwether

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Posting will be light until after the holidays, although you can always try me on Twitter. And check out the content on Ahead of the Heard and the teacher pension blog. In the meantime, here’s some stuff from 2017.

The ten most popular 2017 Eduwonk posts (in order):

1) 6 Inconvenient DeVos Truths

2) Michigan Education Facts

3) This job at the Kern Family Foundation.

4) DeVos and bears (plus other content but bears were hot there for a moment).

5) School PIO screw-ups, research, and a grab bag of stuff.

6) Open (now filled) roles on Bellwether’s PTL team.

7) A Chris Cerf poison pen from fall 2016 that I posted in very early 2017.

8) A little push for state EAOs and then a mixed bag of interesting things from higher ed to pensions.

9) DeVos nomination on the Senate floor and the Park Slope co-op (yes both of those in one post).

10) Teachers union – private equity frenemies stuff and stupid bear jokes.

In outside outlets this 74 look at Matt Damon’s school sleuthing and more general sleuthing skills got a good ride as did this off-edu USN look at the evolution of Ryan Zinke.

This 74 look at Betsy DeVos and public relations and USN on big questions for Betsy DeVos also did well. A lot of people wanted to read about the federal bathroom policy debate, too.

Campus stuff was popular and I think my favorite for the year was “Rig to Flip.” Hard to beat a fantastic river trip and life lessons.

And one random thing I turned up pulling this list: This Eduwonk post is five years old and pretty sleepy but for some reason got almost 70k views on it this year. Your guess is as good as mine. It’s not because it mentions David Brooks, similar archived content doesn’t get refreshed like that.

Thanks for reading. I wish you a restful holiday break and a peaceful, happy, and healthy 2018.

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